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1.  The impact of candidates’ statements about global warming on electoral success in 2008 to 2015 (2016)

This report investigates the effect that political candidates’ statements on global warming had on their final electoral success.

2. Trust in scientists’ statements about the environment and American public opinion on global warming (2016)

This study explores Americans’ skepticism of scientists’ opinions of global warming and their own subsequent opinions of global warming.

3. Fox and Not-Fox television news impact on opinions on global warming: Selective exposure, not motivated reasoning (2015)

    Online Appendices of Krosnick & MacInnis (2015)

This report investigates the effect that selective exposure in the news media has on viewers’ opinions on global warming, comparing the impact of Fox and non-Fox television news.

4. The American public’s preference for preparation for the possible effects of global warming: Impact of communication strategies (2015)

This study explores how the choice of words used when discussing global warming had an impact on people’s attitudes on preparation for global warming. It analyzes various communication strategies that are used to advocate for preparation for global warming.

5. What Americans think about climate change (2014)

This publication compares Americans’ opinions of global warming and attitudes towards the government’s work to respond to global warming.

6. Does the American Public Support Legislation to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? (2013)

This report explores the level of public support for the government requiring or encouraging policies designed to reduce greenhouse emissions, as well as how their decisions are affected primarily by the cost of investing in new technologies.

7. Global Warming vs. Climate Change, Taxes vs. Prices: Does Word Choice Matter? (2010)

This report explores whether word choice e.g. global warming vs. climate change, has a significant impact on a person’s response to a question.

8. Opinion Polls Underestimate American’s concern about the Environment: Tweaking the Most Important Question Reveals More Concern About Global Warming and the Environment (2010)

This report explores whether recently conducted opinion polls mask the level of concern the American public has about the environment, by analyzing the word choice of the questions.

9. The Association of Knowledge With Concern about Global Warming: Trusted Information Sources Shape Public Thinking (2009)

This report explores the correlation between knowledge of a public issue, specifically global warming, and level of concern for that issue.

10. The Origins and Consequences of Democratic Citizen’s Policy Agendas: A Study of Popular Concern About Global Warming (2005)

Similarly to the report above, this report explores the relationship between the level of knowledge of a public issue, and the concern the public has for that issue.

11. The Impact of the Fall 1997 Debate About Global Warming on American Public (1998)

This report describes the impact that the Fall 1997 debate in Kyoto, Japan about global warming had on the way Americans perceived the issue.

Reports of Surveys

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  1. Americans Back Preparation for Extreme Weather and Sea-level Rise (2013) Topline
  2. Majority of Americans Continue to Believe that Global Warming is Real (2010)
  3. Featuring Skeptics in News Media Stories Reduces Public Beliefs in the Seriousness of Global Warming (2009)
  4. Fuel Costs Boost Conservation Efforts; 7 in 10 Reducing “Carbon Footprint (2008)
  5. America’s Report Card on the Environment: Second Annual Report (2007)
  6. Concern Soars About Global Warming As World’s Top Environmental Threat (2007)
  7. Global Warming: The Buck Stops Here (2007)
  8. Intensity Spikes in Concern on Warming; Many See A Change in Weather Patterns (2006)

News Articles Authored by Jon Krosnick

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  1. The Climate Majority (2010)
  2. State of the Nation: Getting Warmer (2009)